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Jaguar Heritage Trust Display

The display area, created in July 2012 houses a collection of ten vehicles representing some of Jaguar’s finest sports and racing cars.

The vehicles are owned by the Jaguar Heritage Trust and were transferred from Jaguar Heritage Trust’s former museum at Browns Lane, Coventry, prior to its closure. The display enables visitors to the Heritage Motor Centre and fans of Jaguar to continue to see and admire these beautiful iconic models.

As the Jaguar Heritage Trust’s vehicles are very much a living collection, they are frequently out and about at classic car events in the UK and abroad, particularly during the summer season.  Consequently the display of cars at Gaydon changes on a frequent basis but wherever possible the gaps are filled with other vehicles that are associated with Jaguar’s motorsport past.

The core vehicles regularly on display range from a 1938 SS Jaguar 100 to a Jaguar Formula One racer from the 2002 season. Other models include the record breaking 1951 XK 120 that was driven continuously for seven days and seven nights at Monthléry, the 1954 D-type prototype and 1988 XJR-9 Le Mans cars, the unique XJ13 and the XJ220 concept car. Also on regular display are the 1974 Group 44 E-type and 1983 TWR XJS race cars as well as an S-TYPE Diesel racer from 2003. The majority of the vehicles are original and fully operational, just as they left the factory.

The vehicle display is supplemented by five trophy cabinets containing a selection of cups, medals and other awards gained by Jaguar over its many years in competition. These include trophies from Jaguar’s successful campaigns in the Alpine and Monte Carlo rallies as well as in the Production Touring Cars series and the famous Le Mans 24 hour race. There is also a unique collection of nine quarter scale replicas of Jaguar’s various XJR Group C racers from the 1980s and 90s.

To find out if a particular car is going to be on display at any given time, please contact the Jaguar Heritage Trust by e-mail to or by calling 024 7656 4431. Further information about some of the other vehicles in the collection can be found on the Jaguar Heritage Trust website.

Jaguar motorsport from the 40s to the 90s