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Land Rover Legacy Project

Land Rover Legacy Project

The aim of the Land Rover Legacy Project was to tell the story of the Lode Lane factory, its people and products. This project was undertaken in 2010 by the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, in partnership with the Heritage Lottery Fund, Jaguar Land Rover and Solihull Borough Libraries.

From Farm to Factory

The Government acquired several adjacent farms and in 1939, built the Lode Lane factory to manufacture aircraft parts. The factory was one of the Government’s shadow factories and known as ‘No. 2 Solihull’. From 1945, the site became the Rover Company’s headquarters and main manufacturing facility for its products. The iconic Land Rover has been produced at Lode Lane since its launch in 1948. Rover cars were built at Solihull alongside Land Rover and Range Rover until 1982, when the last Rover SD1 rolled off the Solihull production lines. The Lode Lane factory continues to build Land Rover and Range Rover products and export them all over the World.

Helping the Community learn about their heritage

During 2010, the local community contributed to the Land Rover Legacy Project at events held at the Solihull Central Library. People brought along their own photographs and material, shared their memories and provided a valuable insight into the history of the Lode Lane factory.

Land Rover Legacy ProjectOne of the project outcomes was a photographic exhibition that toured Midlands libraries during 2010 and 2011. The project involved researching the vast British Motor Industry Heritage Trust archives, cataloguing material and digitising relevant photographs and film.

Many of these photographs and film have never before been viewed by the general public. You can view and buy some of these archive photographs at on the Motorgraph’s website. As a result of the Land Rover Legacy Project, three new DVDs of archive film featuring Rover and Land Rover are now available from the Heritage Motor Centre’s giftshop or online shop.

Award-winning community project

The project formed an integral part of the Heritage Motor Centre’s entry into the 2010 Heart of England Excellence in Tourism awards, winning a joint Gold in the Regional Culture category. The award recognised the Archive team’s community history projects about the Longbridge and Solihull factories.