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  • Is My Car Tax Exempt?

    If our guide suggests that you might be tax exempt, don’t delay, order a Heritage Certificate now using our online form.

    The date for tax exemption has recently changed. Now all cars built before 1 January 1974 are eligible for ‘historic vehicle class’ and therefore exempt from paying road tax in the UK. If your car comes into this category then our Heritage Certificate service will provide the proof you need to claim your tax exempt road disc from the DVLA.

    This guide was prepared before the rules changed at the start of 2014. It will help you find out if your car might be tax exempt, though it does not presently cover cars built between 1 January 1973 and 1 January 1974.

    If your car was built between January 1973 and January 1974, you can use our enquiry form to confirm the build date for your vehicle before ordering a full Certificate.


Model Series chassis prefix First chassis number in 1973
1100 / 1300
1100 two door saloon deluxe A-A2SAD 853360-A
1300 two door saloon deluxe A-A2SAS 851203-A
1100 four door saloon deluxe A-ASAS 857097-A
1300 four door saloon deluxe A-ASAS 850214-A
1300 estate (Countryman) A-AWA 89026-A
1300 GT four door saloon A-A4DA 44211-M
Cowley built four door saloon A-ASAS 847720-M
1500 and 1750 five door saloons A-H5SC 126771-M
1750 HL five door saloons A-H5SC-J 124641-M
1800 mk III & 1800 ‘S’ four door A-H4SE 83954-A
2200 four door saloon A-B4SE 6385-A
Midget mk III G-AN5 (UD) 129951-G
MGB Roadster G-HN5 (UD) 307716-G
MGB GT G-HD5 (UD) 310578-G
Mini (mk III)
850 saloon X-A2S1 834190-A
1000 saloon X-A2S1-N 833314-A
Clubman X-A2S2 872247-A
Clubman estate X-A2W2 871934-A
1275 GT X-AD2 846704-A
850 or 1000 van X-AV1 834521-A
850 or 1000 pick up X-AU1 844815-A
1300 mk III estate (Traveller) M-AW2 89383-A
1800 mk III & ‘S’ four door M-H4SE 53439-A
2200 four door saloon M-B4SE 6453-A
Marina 1.3 four door saloon M-A4S9 (-S) 217013
Marina 1.3 two door coupe M-A2S9 (-S) 223002-M
Marina 1.8 & 1.8 TC four door M-H4S9 (-S) (-T) 217017-M
Marina 1.8 & 1.8 TC two door M-H2S9 (-S) (-T) 223001-M
Marina 1.8 estate M-H5W9 (-S) 5399-M
Rover including Land Rover and Range Rover
Rover Company chassis number sequences bear little relation to date of build. If you believe your vehicle was built before 1 January 1973, please enquire.
Toledo 1300 two door saloon ADH 2290
Toledo 1300 four door saloon ADF 55194
1500 front wheel drive saloon YB 61717
Dolomite 1850 HL WF 19268
2000 mk II saloon and estate ME 74983
2.5 PI mk II saloon and estate MG 76343
Spitfire mk IV FH 52541
Spitfire 1500 (USA spec) FM 3033-U
GT6 mk III KE or KF 21476
TR6 PI CR 650
TR6 carburetor (USA spec) CF 3966-U
Stag LD or LE 21087
Vanden Plas
Princess 1300 four door V-AS2 35622-M
1300 mk II four door saloon W-A4S5 44429-M
Six (2200) four door saloon W-B4SE 7808-A

This information is provided only as a guide, whilst the BMIHT has taken car to ensure the correctness of the information supplied neither the BMIHT nor any of its associated Trusts of Companies will be held liable for any errors or omissions or the consequences thereof.